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My Wedding at The Whittemore House 9.2.12

I haven’t had a blog post in awhile, but I got married this past month at The Whittemore House in Dupont Circle on Sunday Sept 2. I’m going to be making some entries on what went into planning my wedding and some details on the music portions. Right now you can check out the invitations our designer Tina Tabibi made on The Capitol Romance blog.

For the cocktail portion of the wedding I premade my own mega mix, keep in mind this was my wedding, so what you see on the list does not mean those are songs I would play at your wedding, but some of them very well could be if you wanted me to. A few of the songs I put in the mix were actually taken from suggestions guests sent in on their response cards. I wrote a description for Capitol Romance on what went into making the mix, click the link to read all about it.